See you at ESUG?

You can notice that I’ve added a picture/link of ESUG on the right column of the blog. Even if I am young and I don’t have experience traveling arround the world, I can tell you that ESUG Conference, as well as Smalltalks Conference, are just AWESOME. I have assisted to all Smalltalks from 2007 to 2010 and ESUG 09 and 10. All of them are great and not only because of the talks. The talks are the less important for me 😉

What is really great is to meet people. Have you ever sent 1 million emails to someone without even knowing his face?. Is he 70 years old? 20 ? What language does he speak?  Well, ESUG is the perfect conference to meet people by real, face to face. The best part of ESUG happens in the “corridors”, I mean, talking with people between talks, after the conference, in the social event, etc. There will be people who will ask you about your stuff, they will give you feedback and ideas. You will find yourself wanting to give feedback to others. It is a nice circle.

And the Smalltalk community is unique in the sense that you can assist ESUG and meet the developers of the tools you use to have fun, make a living, study, do research, work, or whatever. You can take a beer with the developers/creators of Pharo, Seaside, AidaWeb, GemStone, Pier, Moose, Squeak/Pharo VM, DBXTalk, Metacello, Glorp, Cincom, VA, etc….. And what is also great about smalltalkers is that a smalltalker is likely to be a very good person. ESUG is friendly and smalltalkers come from all over the world. Come on, join us 🙂

This year ESUG Conference is in Edinburgh, Scotland. All the information you may need, such as list of talks, schedule, maps, venue, etc, is in

Now, regarding the “Journey through the Virtual Machine”, if you like that topic, you have to attend ESUG. There you can meet Igor Stasenko (author of HydraVM, NativeBoost, Hudson VM configurations, CMakeVMMaker, etc),  Esteban Lorenzano (the new maintainer of Mac Squeak VM and Cocoa port), Andres Valloud (VM developer at Cincom), Javier Burroni and Gerardo Richarte (authors of SqueakNOS and the JIT/GC implemented in Smalltalk), etc. Even more, there is a special workshop for you: “Compiling your own VM” by Igor. This is a hand-on tutorial. So, what are you waiting for? In addition, there are even more talks related to VM. Check the schedule for more details.

I will give some talks as well, but I will comment that in another post.

So…see you there?

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