Building Pharo from PharoKernel in 10 seconds

Hi. Last week I was playing with Pharo kernel images and I thought it could be interesting to document here what we (I am not alone!) were doing. First, the context: Context of Pharo, PharoCore and PharoKernel In older versions of Pharo, there were always 2 distributions: Pharo (a.k.a PharoDev) and PharoCore. The latter was … More Building Pharo from PharoKernel in 10 seconds

Random news

Hi. Sorry for being away from the blog for so long but I was on holidays and, when I came back, I dedicate all my time to submitting a paper. This post is just a summary of some recent news. In case you are already aware, then just discard this post 😉 Pharo 1.4 was … More Random news