What is GemStone? Part 2

A bit on GemStone history When talking about Smalltalk, one of the advantages always mentioned is its “maturity”. In the previous post, I commented some GemStone features. If you read them carefully, it seems like if we were talking about a modern technology that couldn’t have been possible years ago. Wrong!!!!  GemStone Systems was funded … More What is GemStone? Part 2

What is GemStone?

What is GemStone When you ask a Smalltalker what Smalltalk is, you will find many different answers: a language, an environment, an object system, a platform or simply a combination of all of those or more. With GemStone, I have a similar feeling. I think different people will answer differently. To me, GemStone is an … More What is GemStone?

My presentations at “Summer School on Languages and Applications”, Bolivia 2014

A few months ago, I was invited to give some talks at “Summer School on Languages and Applications” in Bolivia. I offered several topics I was able to talk about and 3 of them were chosen. The target of the presentations were mostly university students who haven’t seen Smalltalk never before. So my presentations tried to be as … More My presentations at “Summer School on Languages and Applications”, Bolivia 2014

Reviving my blog

Almost 2 years ago, I wrote my last post. What has happened since then that I didn’t write again? Nothing strange. Typical excuses… too much work and little time for writing blogs, contributing to open-source projects, actively participating  in mailing lists, etc. Since I have finished my PhD two years ago, I have been working as an independent software developer. … More Reviving my blog