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ESUG 2011 presentations’ slides

Thanks to Marcus Denker, all the slides of the presentations of ESUG 2011 are available in two places: to directly download from: http://esug.org/data/ESUG2011/ and to view or download from slideshare:   http://www.slideshare.net/esug/

As every year, ESUG has not only the presentations of the conference itself but also from the International Workshop in Smalltalk Technologies (IWST). So, the slides of the presentations of the conference are in http://esug.org/data/ESUG2011/Slides/ and http://www.slideshare.net/esug/presentations. The ones of IWST are in http://esug.org/data/ESUG2011/IWST/PRESENTATIONS/ and http://www.slideshare.net/esug/presentations. In addition, the proceedings of IWST are in: http://esug.org/data/ESUG2011/IWST/Proceedings.pdf

As I have explained in a previous post, I gave 3 presentations: one (DBXTalk) for the conference and two (Fuel and Ghost proxies) for the IWST.

The first one was the one of Fuel. It was a pity because the printed schedule of the conference was not in sync with the real time of the talk. Hence, some people missed it. Anyway, the slides can be downloaded here and in slideshare.  You can also download the paper from here. If you are interested in Fuel, I really recommend to see the slides and to read the paper.

The second talk was also as part of the IWST and was about Ghost, a proxy implementation I did on top of Pharo. The slides can be downloaded here and in slideshare.  Again, you can also download the paper from here.

Finally, on Friday we did (together with Santiago Bragañolo and Guillermo Polito) a presentation of DBXTalk. The slides can be downloaded here and in slideshare. The live demo….well maybe we will have the video in a near future.

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My talks at ESUG 2011

Hi guys. This is a short post to just let you know what I’ll be talking about at ESUG this year in Edinburgh, Scotland. I’ll give a total of 3 talks which are the following:

1) Fuel: Boosting your serialization.

Fuel is an open-source general purpose framework to serialize and materialize object graphs based on a pickling algorithm. Fuel is implemented in Pharo Smalltalk environment and we demonstrate that we can build a really fast serializer without specific VM support, with a clean object-oriented design and providing most possible required features for a serializer.

For more details please visit Fuel website: http://rmod.lille.inria.fr/web/pier/software/Fuel

I will give an introduction to Fuel explaining its pickle format showing some examples of how to use this serializer. Ahhh at the same time, I am submitting Fuel to the Innovation Technology Awards 🙂

I participate in Fuel in several ways:

– Fuel is being sponsored by ESUG SummerTalk and I am the mentor. The student and main developer is Martin Dias.

– I contribute with code and test.

– For my research/PhD prototype, I use Marea as the serializer.

2) Ghost:  A Uniform, Light-weight and Stratified Proxy Implementation

This talk is about the paper we wrote about a novel proxy implementation. I’ve developed Ghost proxies in Pharo Smalltalk and it is part of my PhD.

This toolbox provides low memory consuming proxies for regular objects as well as for classes and methods. Ghost proxies let us intercept all messages sent to a proxy, with clear separation between the layers of intercepting and handling interceptions. Ghost is stratified and does not use the common yet problematic #doesNotUnderstand: for implementing proxies.

For more info please read: http://rmod.lille.inria.fr/web/pier/software/Marea/GhostProxies

3) DBXTalk: Argentinian Connection.

DBXTalk is the complete and open-source solution to relational database access. It has been in development since 4 years already and it includes the following tools:

  • OpenDBXDriver: this is the database driver and it wraps the C library OpenDBX. This subset of DBXTalk was formerly known as SqueakDBX.
  • GlorpDBX: this is a port of VisualWorks Glorp plus some changes to make it work with different database drivers such us OpenDBXDriver.
  • DBXTalkDescriptions: it’s a tool to generate classes from tables and tables from classes, based in Glorp types. Also to generate GlorpConfiguration from Magritte descriptions. And a UI to make it easy to use.
  • DBXPlus: it’s a UI to visualize and browse databases without going out the image. You can execute sql query and review the results, browse into the defined tables and views, inspect the structure and the data stored.

Guillermo Polito, Santiago Bragagnolo and me (all part of the team) will give you an introduction to all those tools of the DBXTalk suite while showing real examples.

For DBXTalk, well…I was part of the authors. I have been actively developed SqueakDBX/DBXTalk and it is the open-source project I have spent more time in apart from Pharo. DBXTalk is used in several production applications and it has already it list of users.

For more info, check the links:



All the schedule of the talks are in here

That’s all for today.