Tanker screencast and image ready for testing

Hi guys. Last days, we submitted Tanker to the ESUG Innovation Technology Awards. As part of that submission, I have created a screencast and an image with the examples. The screencast gives you an introduction to Tanker and shows you how to export and import packages. I starts with a simple example, then it exports a … More Tanker screencast and image ready for testing

My (past) presentations at PharoConf and (future) talk at ESUG 2012

Hi. As usual, I wanted to share with you the slides of my last talks in case you are interested. PharoConf Last month I went to the first PharoConf held in Lille, France, and I gave to talks. One was about using the Fuel serializer for several different hacky things 🙂  You can find the … More My (past) presentations at PharoConf and (future) talk at ESUG 2012

Random news

Hi. Sorry for being away from the blog for so long but I was on holidays and, when I came back, I dedicate all my time to submitting a paper. This post is just a summary of some recent news. In case you are already aware, then just discard this post 😉 Pharo 1.4 was … More Random news

ESUG 2011 presentations’ slides

Thanks to Marcus Denker, all the slides of the presentations of ESUG 2011 are available in two places: to directly download from: http://esug.org/data/ESUG2011/ and to view or download from slideshare:   http://www.slideshare.net/esug/ As every year, ESUG has not only the presentations of the conference itself but also from the International Workshop in Smalltalk Technologies (IWST). … More ESUG 2011 presentations’ slides

Fuel: First place at ESUG Innovation Technology Awards

ESUG Innovation Technology Awards presentations Hi guys. As I have already told you before, I finally presented Fuel at ESUG Innovation Technology Awards. The awards ceremony was quite good. Some people came to the table where I was and asked things about Fuel. Some didn’t know at all what Fuel was about (neither the internals … More Fuel: First place at ESUG Innovation Technology Awards

My talks at ESUG 2011

Hi guys. This is a short post to just let you know what I’ll be talking about at ESUG this year in Edinburgh, Scotland. I’ll give a total of 3 talks which are the following: 1) Fuel: Boosting your serialization. Fuel is an open-source general purpose framework to serialize and materialize object graphs based on … More My talks at ESUG 2011